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ES Inspections is a family owned business stemming from over 50 years of experience in the General Construction & Home Improvement industry. This has allowed us to be avidly involved in the repairing & bettering of homes for a better part of 50 years. 

This experience helps us to recognize & identify common problems in a home easily as quality home repair & improvement has been our families lifelong goal. If you are looking for a reliable home inspector, call us for a competitive price quote on all your home inspection needs today.

Why should I call ES Inspections?

WHAT WE DO AT ES Inspections

Home Inspections

At ES Inspections we offer professional home inspections for clients in Staten Island, NY and the surrounding areas. With years of experience in the home inspection industry we can provide you with a reliable and unbiased home inspection.

Get a Home Inspection Expert

If you are considering buying or selling a home you can benefit from professional home inspection from a qualified team. We can assist you with complete home inspection which will go over every aspect of your building, from the plumbing, to the foundation, to the electrical systems. We will deliver a comprehensive report on all our findings and our inspection services are honest and thorough.

Our inspection services include:

  • Home Inspections
  • Roof Inspections
  • Radon Inspections
  • Pre-Inspection Services
  • Post Inspection Consultations
  • Maintenance Inspection

Need an Inspection? Call Us Today

A home inspection can be incredibly beneficial. It allows you to determine whether there are any hidden problems with a building, which, in turn, can protect you from making a potentially problematic buying decision. As a seller, it allows you to find and fix any potential issues, which can help you get a better price for your home. We offer incredibly thorough home inspections so that you have all the information you need for a positive buying or selling experience.

As a leading home inspection company in Staten Island, NY, we also serve these areas:

  • Staten Island, NY
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Queens, NY
  • Bronx, NY
  • Manhattan, NY
  • Long Island, NY
  • Hamptons, NY
  • Upstate NY

For more information on our home inspection services, call us today for a quote at (646) 276-4873.


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We Work With the Best Clients

  • Lana L. Avatar
    Lana L.
    1/18/2021 - HomeAdvisor

    Eric did a great job with the home inspection! He was knowledgeable and friendly. Would definitely recommend!

    Wei D. Avatar
    Wei D.
    1/08/2021 - HomeAdvisor

    did a great job

  • Edward B. Avatar
    Edward B.
    1/07/2021 - HomeAdvisor

    Very responsive and first rate job.

    Paul S. Avatar
    Paul S.
    8/28/2020 - HomeAdvisor

    Excellent character. Professional and pleasant with extremely helpful advice.

  • Eric did a great job with the home inspection! He was knowledgeable and friendly. Would definitely recommend!

    Lana L.
  • did a great job

    Wei D.
  • Very responsive and first rate job.

    Edward B.
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